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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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I came home from work, opened my mailbox, and found 9 packages inside!!!


- Go Jaybee's Top 40

- PennyPacker Top 40

- Dressel Dragons Top 40 (I love the insert with all the participants' names and icons - really, really great idea!!!)

- Not So Lost Puppies Top 40

- Jevans7 Top 40

- Team Alamo 20,000 Finds

- Oakcoins Christmas

- Tsunrisebey Petroglyph (absolutely BEAUTIFUL and very well made!!!)

- Geocoin tracking software! :P

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Whoot! a good day yesterday :P


A very nice card and some beautiful coins from Karma! A Dorkfish Fishtank and the Seahorse!!! Thank you so much, I don't know who gave in to the pressure and told you, but I really enjoyed reading the card last night with Moun10Girl. Thank you. And again :laughing:


Almost forgot we also received something very special from Rivercity and Team Moagy, too. "Something Two-Toned" turned out to be a beautiful Compass Rose :laughing: Thanks guys, that was really over the top and the TOP40 coins are super-cool :laughing: Sending you a little love back to ya now!



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Three Roses -




I have to wait till April to get them, because they got shipped to my old address! My mom just called, asking me if I was expecting a package there... I told her no, and asked her who it was from... when she said Crake... i knew what they were... :)

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Over the past couple days:


geocachingdragon two-tone LE

geocachingdragon antique brass

geocachingdragon pokerchip (thanks for the surprise !!)

coinfusion silver LE

tiki bikki-bikki (thanks for the surprise, Glenn !!)

oakcoins free die side coupon coin (very cleaver)

pengofamily goepins for the girls

petroglyph micro turtle mountain (thanks Tsun!)

petroglyph bear to place in a local geocache


And a geocoin secret agent out of a cache yesterday! I still cannot believe it :anibad:

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I didnt get anything! Bummer... I want coins. :anibad:


I had a totally empty mail box yesterday. I think the postman didn't make it! I usually at least get some mail from the nice folks at Capitol One. :D

I am now patiently waiting for the postman to bring my bounty of coins today and it's almost noon!


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Compass Rose gold --- thanks horsegeeks!

Micro Chili Peppers --- love micro coins!

Dorkfish silver --- thanks Karma!

temecula III gold --- Thanks C4

temecula II gold --- Thanks C4

gold koala --- thanks chief02


lotsa good stuff. :ph34r:

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I had an excellent coin day today!


Avalanche 2007 - thanks for the trade! I have both years now.

DancesWithMoose 2005 - secret leprechaun -- I just love it !!

Cropcircle v1 - secret leprechaun -- I just love it too !!

2 geocaching buttons - secret leprechaun -- my girls just love them !!


And a super surprise coin from my hubby -- he isn't the coin collector, I am. He has been hearing me saying that I was having a hard time getting the 5th and final Jeep Adventure (red) coin for my collection. I have traded with the coin owners for all the other ones. He knows that the Jeep coins are my favorites. When I came home from work today he had a surprise for me -- the red Jeep. I could hardly believe it! Apparently, he had been secretly working with fortheralz. You two are very sneaky. :D Thanks fortheralz! Thanks hubby!


.....Anthus (Mrs.)

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