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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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We have done very well the past couple days!




2007 Compass Rose 2007 Bronze

2007 Compass Rose 2007 Black Nickel

Thanks for the trade, TMOCM you saved my life!




Geocoin Fest Poker Challenge Coin

Temecula 2007 Coin

Geocoin Fest 2007 Coijn

Thanks S and BC for getting these for me, they are gorgeous!

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Nero LP (just tried to activate, says tracking number does not exist)

rivercity LP

TSD v2.5 - misty gold

Buffalo Wings 2007 - ant. silver


make sure you try o and 0 differently. if they are in the number. I didn't look at any of them myself.


I did activate one of them so far and it activated fine.


Anyways. today i received.


Cache-U-Nuts Vinyl

Vegas Gamblers Vinyl

Team Sandollar Shiney Gold Sandollar

Ant Copper Buffalo Wings

2007 Geocoinfest Poker Chalenge Poker Chip coin. (Gold)

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It was a good day at the mailbox!


PengoFamily 4-coin regular set

PengoFamily LE

Tempting the Fates gold and silver pair (Thanks again fox-and-the-hound!)


LoriDarlin LE


Helped compensate for the fact my e-mail had been down all day (and it could be a day or two before it's fixed <_< ).

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