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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Yesterday was a great day but did not get a chance to post :rolleyes:


From Cupid ::



Signal March 2006

Geocoin Addicts Anonymous

Tennessee micro



Texas Wingnuts Silver and Gold


2007 Compass Rose AS, AB, BN, and Satin Gold


Roboknight 2007 Mystery Geocoin


2006 MAGC Silver


2006 MAGC Gold


2007 MAGC Gold (waiting on silver)


GCC Retro/ Hypno


GC&P Febuary

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Good Gosh Great coins!


Hides and Finds #1 the Film canister


Mr Muggles- FTL (first to loot)


Mr Muggles- Strikes Again


Big Bear Cache


Lowracer- I like biking coins :rolleyes:


2-Whitebear Dinner-nickel and gold


Puzzle Geocoin set- antique gold


Euro- silver...finally got one


Netherlands 2006- another very cool biking design


Saman Team - cool design for the Prague Czech group...what does it mean... only they know :rolleyes:



My Trade List

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From a trade:

A beautiful misty gold Team Sand Dollar! AND a Buffalo Wings! Thanks so much TSD!



A surprise from Nielsenc that I wasn't expecting! Thank you!



They're Here! My top 40 Vinyls are here! My first personalized coin. Thanks to all who made the project possible :rolleyes:


(sorry for the over the top enthusiasm - I'm excited)

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Over the past week or so...


five Sequoia NP trees

five sequoia NP rounds

three Luck o' the Irish, including one glitter

five Kansas Sunshine 2007 micros

three February GCC "hypnotism" (one non-trackable, which is a great idea! ;) )

five North Carolina micros


I'm sure that there were one or two others, but they were probably farther back in time, and I can't remember.

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Sits down, rubs hands together to get blood flowing....


Hello everyone, this is my first time putting a reply in this topic....


We get our mail on Saturdays (long story) anyways, and well here's my list for coins I got this past week...




First I would like to thank everyone that has traded with me... I know I don't send out emails enough saying this... THANK YOU!




Shop99er #52 Ver. 3 2007 Coin

Shop99er signature item (I believe *very nice!*)

Shop99er path tag (sweet)

Whitebear Bite Me Black Nickel Glow-in-the-dark Coin + Canadian Cacher pin

The Rock Pile #68 Coin

The Magic Coin Green

Yemon Yime signature item (I believe *very nice!*)

Chills Gold 2006 Coin

Circle of Public Safety 2006 Coin

Nebraska Kansas Bench Mark Coin (this coin is almost 3 inches wide!)

Meades Ranch Washington, DC Bench Mark Coin

PIF coin


Thank you!


Received a bunch of coins my husband bought...


8 Signal Decs Coins

2 Signal Jans 2007 Coins

1Signal Sept Coin

3 HAM Radio Coins

1 DEF CON Coin

2 Alberta Rose Coins


Thanks for reading!


Cache Agent


Edited to fix a mistake with a year.

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It's Christmas. It's my birthday. It's Easter. Actually it's the day we got back from the Geocoinfest. We stayed in San Diego for the week. I had a postoffice carrier box on the front porch full of mailers!!!


Kansas Sunshine

Buffalo Wings

Luck o' the Irish

Kernow Kachers




Ellandel Spain

Red Cross

Feb Geocoin Club

Compass Rose

Feb Geoswag

Valentine Bee

Joe 6-pack

Fl Landmark Union Bank

& Delft Blue!!!


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