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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Mail while at coinfest...


Evil Micro Sets

2007 Kansas Sunshine Micro

2007 MIGO Winter Social

MIGO 2007

St Pats Hat

Pepper Micros (silver)

Ham Radio

Ohio 2007

Spain Silver & Gold

Indiana DNR

Michigan Caching License Plates

PennyPacker Black Nickel & Gold

911 Turbos and a Micro coin

GC&PC For the Love of Caching

Pay It Forward

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Nothing in the mail yesterday but I did pick up:


300 Buffalo Wings 2007 coins ( 100 Ant Gold, 100 Ant Silver, 100 Ant Copper)


25 Buffalo Wings 2007 coins in Ant Gold with name in place of tracking number.

(These are going to some of his shipmates)


130 Team Sand Dollar V2.5 coins (60 Misty Gold, 60 Misty Silver, 10 Matte Black)

(Had to order another 150, 50 each as the 130 and more are already spoken for)

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* lots of GeocoinFest coins - many of them LE's or volunteer only. Yay!! :signalviolin:


Figured that was faster than me mailing them. How did you like your stuff? The Ts came out great, didn't they?! Thanks for all your help and coordination, Will. We owe much of our organization to you from that wonderful admin forum you setup for us!

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Let's see, I had to sign for a missing coin today, Thanks Christian!

Then I got 2 new Bee's

AND another Pay it forward coin to add to my missions. Pay it Forward even added a special LE coin which he/she explicitly told me I had to keep. PIF if you read this, that is one hard order to accept, I really enjoy sending out this mission! I can't wait to start reading the logs in my email box from the coins! Thank you!

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