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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!

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I am still waiting for my EU geocoins from www.usageocois.com . They say they sent it out on Saturday, October 29 th, so it has been 12 days already and nothing. Can a package from Ohio to Ontario take more than 12 days to arrive??? :D Something's wrong here....

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Here's what I got today:


1 2006 AtlantaGal

1 2006 AtlantaGal Gold

1 2005 AtlantaGal LE Brass

2 sets Go-Mad-Cow (1 is for a friend)

1 2005 Joefrog

1 2005 Caching Around the World Bronze

1 OIFGA Gold

1 OIFGA Silver

1 2005 Wanna Go

5 2005 Fire Elemental Bronze

1 2005 Fire Elemental Silver


Edit: Added Fire Elemental coins that were just delivered.

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All in All a good day... found 27 caches... including 6 that were previous DNFs... and got the following coins:



Fire Elemental Gold, Silver (2), Bronze (5)

Texas Autumn (3)

Alaska Cache n' Dash

Atlanta Girl Silver

Milestones: 100 Cache, 500 Cache, 1000 Cache, 100 TBs

Grandpa Kim

GBES Winter

f0t0m0m - bought back the one sold on eBay....

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