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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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First chance I've had to visit my PO Box since returning from California...


Set of four Sylvan Seekers - gold, silver, bronze and copper - they are gorgeous!

Lizardtoadz Toadz Code blue with pin

Fire Elemental coin - this is one of the neatest coins I've seen! Love it!

UNited for Diabetes TB


and the big surprise!

Happy Holidays 2006 coin from OakCoins - thanks so much! I didn't ask... didn't order it... it just showed up!


I concur with who ever said that Geocoin collectors get Christmas on a nearly daily basis! Unfortunately, my checking account feels the hit...


One of the cooler things - sending out nearly 40 coins sold on eBay: all packed and ready to ship tomorrow.


And Thanks for all who sent well-wishes about my Dad... appreciated so much!

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Wow, I made out good today!


Quigley Jones (thanks Lori! It took a while to get here!)


So glad it arrived... don't have any idea why the hold up, though... Had the envelope been opened or anything? :laughing::D

I'm sure it was the Christmas rush that held it up! No, it wasn't open at all. Again, thanks for the trade!

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