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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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MGA AGM Copper & Silver

King Boareas Brass




At an event today...

Mtn Man Admin Brick V2 in Shiny Gold

Strapped-4-Cache Path Tag

MRMnJewel Wooden Nickel


Johnnie Lacy 2006 #67 for a certain kudzu lovin' Jerzee-Yorker with a Brit accent (lets see how long it takes him to see this and email his addy to me B))

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Oh, geez! Been so busy that I haven't taken the time to update my recent arrivals. I can't remember all of them that we've gotten over the past couple of weeks, but I know that we got...


2 sets of the Great Smoky Mountains coins: three different designs :unsure:

4 geodiamond personals: one of these will be going into a cache, unactivated.

2 October coin club "Masters of Cache" dragons: awesome! Might try to buy more of these.

2 Forty -n- Eight Washington State

3 Applywomyn PC

4 Landsharkz PC: probably going to put one of these in a cache, unactivated.


I've been cutting back on the orders, but there are still a bunch, already paid for, that we are waiting on :huh:

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I'm not a normal poster in here, but I thought that my haul today was worthy:


2Bugs Doubloon (wow, is that heavy)

Washington 2004

Great Smokey Mountain set (round, 75 cent, and 10 cent)

Maryland Black Eyed Susan

California 2006 Regular and LE (What a great job by the Dillon Gang)

Diver Van Spinning Black Nickel

Facedances v1

Team FISUR :huh::unsure:


Now that's what I call a good day.

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Saturday in the mail (just opened it this morning)


Initial Point Copper (thanks Avroair!!)


Saturday at the 3rd Annual October Fest @ Windy Rock event :


Traded for : Parents of SAM, February Signal, Indiana Micro, and DMFlyer personal

2006 KY (Geocky)


haven't checked the mailbox today yet

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California 2006 Regular and LE (What a great job by the Dillon Gang)

I'll echo that comment, and the other positive ones posted about this coin. Ours came today, and they are awesome :unsure: The Dillon Gang put up with a lot to get this out (this coin has to have had more suggestions about design changes than just about any other), but the result made it all worth it, at least on our end.

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checked the mail...


got my car insurance bill for the next 6 months (OUCH!! 150.73/mth) ;):laughing:


2006 California coins 3 reg. 1 LE


they look great!


ouch, i just renewed mine last month. (Allstate) $499 for 6/mo thats about $83/mo for full coverage. :laughing:


and yes.


2x regular CA 2006

1x LE CA 2006

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Over the last week:

2x First to Find GCC

Gone Bushwacking (thanks Team 57 Chevy!)


Fallen Heroes 9/11

3x 2006 California Experience (1 of each finish)

4x Initial Point (1 of each finish) - OMG!


These last ARE manhole covers! Very impressive. I thought the mailman was gonna faint...


Still waiting on my 2006 Finland, Feb 06 Yellow Jeep, 4 Quigley Jones ...

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Not really in my mailbox, but at an event:


(2) MIGO 2006 Fall

(1) MWGB Attendance 06

SWAGS Easter

American Caching Silver

Dressel Dragons


(3) Early Halloween Geobash Nickel

(2) Early Halloween Geobash Black Nickel

Diver Van Spinning

California 06 (Not the Dillon Gang one) :yikes:

Red Handed

DarylW4 Mini

(2) January Signal

Team Lareu Pathtag



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