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Ohio's Most Difficult


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We are trying to find a really great/memorable/feel like you've accomplished something cache in Ohio for our 100th find. Need recommendations from fellow cachers.


Are there any unfindables out there? We wanted to go to Indiana and find Shelter II, it has close to 100 DNF's (or so I've read, I didn't bother counting them) and no finds up until a couple days ago. Being the FTF of an unfindable would be a great way to mark our 100th.


Long hikes, difficult hides, night caches, scarey caches....all input is welcome and appreciated. <_<

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PewterZ's Hill would be my best suggestion for something worth doing once in your life. You pretty much assured to be the only people to do it within 3 months. Then I read the logs and see that it's closed until April. I wonder what the BT hikers will do?


Another fun exercise would be to take on the three Great Seal Caches in Great Seal State Park.


In Central Ohio, a numbers run would be interesting. I think you could put together a day and come up with 75 or 100 in a day. Only 5 or 6 would be boring.

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There are 3 Great Seal caches now? We did the first one waaay up that hill and got hit with a heavy storm while on top, and all the way back down. B) Someone else suggested PewterZ"s Hill the other day, but doesn't look like we will be able too till next year. B) Will we actually have to go out of state to find it? ;)

Hope not, :lol: . Have a great day.

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