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Legend C Adapter


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I bought a legend C (love it) and a cigarette adapter + pc connector in one cable from amazon at the same time. The adapter was a link on the legend c page and it said "fits etrex and emap" so I didnt do much research - I trusted that amazon would sell an accessory for a product that fit on the same page that they sold the product...


Basically I received the adapter and have no clue where it is supposed to fit, Ive checked out the manual and Im 85% sure I have the wrong $30 cable.


This is the link to view the cable I bought...


Can anyone tell me if this will fit somehow on my legend c, and/or if there is a cable for the legend c that has a cigarette charger plus pc cable?


Thanks so much

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I know for sure that that cable does fit with the Etrex yellow and the etrex legend,....but not sure about the new extrex legend C, ....but on the older models it would have fit under the rubber cover on the top back of the unit. ..............just checked and you have wrong cable this is the one you need, and they gave you the etrex legend cable not the etrex legendC

etrexC lighter cable

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Same thing happened to me. I order the automotive beanbag mount and cigarette-lighter adapter and City Select software by following a link from the Vista C on Amazon.


I got the cigarette lighter adapter and cradle for a GPS Map 60CS . . .


I still have those things (anyone need them?) and haven't yet purchased the correct cigarette-lighter adapter for my Vista C.

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Can't you send it back? I got an RMA for the one I got, but since I needed the rest of the package, I kept it.


If you can't sent it back, list it in The Garage Sale forum. I'm sure someone with an eTrex Vista or Legend needs it.


Also, check eBay. I've gotten lots of stuff there . . .

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