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Next Usa-europe Tb/coin Swap Meet?


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The last time I was in Seattle (Nov 04) we had a great TB swap meet event.


I now have my next trip scheduled and would like to see if we can repeat something similar.


The weekend I will be in the Seattle area is the 12th/13th of November.


If I do some heavy collecting in the weeks before the trip, I am sure I can come up with some 20 or so travellers that I bring from Europe.


Comments/Suggestions for places?



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I don't see Sweden on your list, but if you happen to find yourself there, our travel bug Portlandia has been stuck in Norway/Sweden for quite some time. We released it in Perth, Australia in July 2003 with the goal of coming home to Portland, Oregon; it made it to Nebraska, before heading to Sweden. It spent 9 months in a cache in Norway with no finds in that time before it recently started moving again.


Would love to have it move closer to home.

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Sorry PP. I forgot you are busy on Saturday afternoons. I'm sure we'll be there until at least 8:00 if not later.


But in my own defense, no one was replying to my request for input, so I went with what I thought was best since Olaf asked for early evening. BTW, Olaf, is 6:00 early enough for you?


The event page is now set up and approved.


As for your question about where it is, the back of the Waimea faces the parking lot for the Marina, and the front is on Central Way (the main East-West road through Kirkland).

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I have three TB's that want to travel to other countries, but I can't make the event - is there anyone from the southend that wants to give them a lift to the event so that they can get a ride across the water?

At the very least, Jester, we could meet in Renton at the entry to the Lazy B spread on a workday.

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Yes the event is kid friendly, as is the resturant.


Here is a

link for the resturant's website, and there is a link for the menu there.


May be a little pricy for some, but there are other fast food and sandwich shops in town if the menu doesn't appeal to some.

That link only come up blank. Thanks

Worked for me. Maybe you have something like Adblock that is blocking it.


I'm going to try and be there. Depends if I get my chores done in time. FYI I have been there before and it is kid-friendly however it is downtown Kirkland so not the cheapest place to eat.

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We plan to be at the Event and bring the papooes.  Would like to know if the Event will be kid frendly.  What price range does the restaurant have?

I dunno about the prices of their food, but it's a bit expensive to buy one of their beer taps. :o

Since I will be on the run and grabbing a couple of the Tribe members on the fly, we plan on having a bit to eat on the way over. Couldn't get any of the links for Kirkland on the resturant web page to come up. Found a menu for one of their other places. It is so-so.


:laughing: We aren't going to have a limited menu like Sequim are we? We might have to visit McD's if that is the case.


Bringing my small collection of coins and trade coins. Lots of TB's also. This sounds like sooooooooo much fun. Can't wait.



The Old Woman of the Tribe

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Dang!  I never made connections with PP so she could give a couple of bugs a lift - anyone from the southend going that could help?  They want to travel the world...

Double Dang, Jester! You should read your email every day - I sent you one about this last night! :laughing: I can get them in the morning if you put them out.

I read them constantly- no such e-mail in my box...


Oops, there it is in the deleted box - how'd that happen????

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