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First coins are cool. Moun10bike made the first and left them in caches. He also had them tracable like travel bugs. They would move from cache to cache or you could keep them. Some moved some were kept.


The first coin was a signature item. Sort of like how I leave a foreign coin in each cache now. It's my trademark.


After that start some state groups would get to gether and make a coin and sell them to members. It was and is a way to show some pride in your state. Besides coins are cool.


Now there are signature coins, organization coins, state coins (usually from organizations) and some for fun and others for profit.


Some travel like travel bugs, and some are for keeps if you find them. Most of them are now collected because, well...coins are cool.

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Thanks, I kinda collect coins, (wheat pennies, buffalo nickels, and a few going back to 189?.) I like coins and though Geocoins might be cool. I might consider getting one to log in/ out of caches like an odometer. (I think that's a personal coin) This sounds better than a TB, (which I've yet to find.)


I guess I'll find out more about geocoins as I cache more. (And maybe go to a few events.

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