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Chaos A.D./aka Arlsdaddy

Dragon Personal Coin Coming Soon (i Hope)

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OK...I submitted the art to the coin maker, just waiting for a reply. I will probably have 250 made, MAYBE 500 but not likely. These will be wicked cool! It will have a green tribal dragon (Hopefully) on the front with red gem eyes! On the back will be another tribal dragon and will say "Banned in Salem, Ore."


History lesson:

I am a part of our local geocaching group formerly known as SPGeocachers (Salem Parks Geocachers). After we had a CITO event and cleaned up the drug infested camps at a local city park, we also had a HUGE event (T3...Tips, Trips and Treasures) which brought people from all over the state to our city. Long story short......The parks dept. didn't want us to keep the profits we made for next years event, they wanted it in their account to hold and distribute to the various costs associated with any future events, since we promoted the parks dept.


Well, after obtaing the money, they decided we needed a hall pass for ANY geocacher to WALK THE PATHS in the parks! Now, they are threatening us with criminal charges if we place any cache in any city park. SPGeocachers is no longer, we are now S.A.G.A. (Salem Area Geochachers Association).


Sooooo.......On the front of the coin will be the coords to the state capitol building in Salem, and on the back it will say "Banned in Salem, Ore." Geocaching originated about 50 miles NNE of here, now it may soon end in Salem altogether. Thats why I choose to make only a limited number of these coins.


As it stands, I will make a list of all who replied, in that order, of who wants a coin. I will probably limit it to two coins per person, and sell / preorder no more than 100. Wheather or not this will be a rare coin that collectors want or not isn't the point. It'll just be wicked cool!


Off to make the "list". Will keep you informed of the process as I receive the info.

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Don't know how I missed this coin, but if there is a waiting list, please put me down for 1 coin. Thanks.

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