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Dragon Personal Coin Coming Soon (i Hope)

Chaos A.D./aka Arlsdaddy

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I'm working on a personal coin, numbered but not trackable. It will feature a dragon, probably the face colored emerald green. 1.5" in diameter. I have a few thoughts that I still need to finalize, but just wondering who may be interested in it. Thinking of either 100, 200 or 250 produced and numbered sequencially. Any suggestions as far as quanity produced as well as potential buyers??? Would want to do a prepayment to help cover the order. I am going on vacation tomorrow, but will check responses before I leave. Thanx in advance for your input...cache on, dudes! (And dudettes) :bad:

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Just to be clear...I'm WORKING on it. IF I get this done, we're looking at probably three weeks minimum from now before I am able to submit the artwork, etc. I'm just trying to get an idea though....Never done this, so don't know how long the process is. I won't be around a computer (Or electricity for that matter) this next week, so I won't be able to work on it.

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You asked.


Quantites. Whatever you need to get the coin price to where you can afford the ones you want for your signature item.


Take pre-orders via email so you can make a mailing list to get updtes. Keep a waiting list for any people who drop out, don't pay, or who have to lower their order.


Potential Buyers. Geocachers individualy, or in coin clubs.

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Wow...all the responses! Cool! Well, looks like I will have them made, please be patient with me though. I'm thinking at this point to have 250 made. When it comes down to it, I'll decide how many to sell and for how much (Gotta get the final price when I submit artwork). I would be interested in trades, but only after I get the coins and distribute them amongst everyone who paid for theirs. Still not sure how many I wanna keep for myself, or if I'll put a purchase limit on them. The Emerald Dragon shall come!!!

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