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Tb # In Cache Log


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Is this just me or what? What is it with people including the TB tag number of my TB in the Found cache log? Am I wrong or can anyone after reading the cache log be able to log my TB. I know I’m new at caching but this just seem like a bad idea and common sense not to include this. :P

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Thanks Camel I sent the person who picked it up an email asking him to edit his log. And I also sent the owner of the cache an email to see if he could edit the log also. I checked the individuals past logs and he has done this with many TB numbers.

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Recently I went back to one of my logs to add pictures and I noticed the cachers after me picked up the TB I dropped off and in their log they put the TB number. I emailed the owner of the TB and told him that his TB number was out there in a log and I never heard back from the owner and I checked the cache logs about a week after I sent the email and the logs still had the TB number too.


I feel better for trying though. :)

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The usually friendly volunteer cache reviewers are also happy to help out by editing TB tracking numbers from cache logs. Send an e-mail to the reviewer for the area where the cache is located, or to your home area reviewer if you don't know who else to contact. Reviewers normally are not the "log police," but an exception is made for TB numbers.

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