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Rino 120 Cables Needed


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what kind of cord are you looking for? i have a serial D port and i use my laptop and it only have USB ports, so be careful on what you look for, if you get the serial D cord, you might want to look into getting an adabtor to USB, because RINO120 (its what i have too) doesn't have USB cord.. at least none that i have found, and Garmin makes.. just a heads up on that, i suggest lookin at West Marine for the cords, thats where i found my GPS and everything came with it, and they would help you out... also check out Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Max, they all have GPS stuff, well most do..

Hope i helped you out a little


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For Garmin cables and other accessories try GPSgeek for very good prices. The part numbers are a match with Garmin's. Someone pointed me to eBay as well, where you may find the exact GPS Geek parts for even less! Try searching eBay eBay GPSgeek store, you may be pleasantly suprised.

usally gpsgeek is an excellent source of garmin stuff, but they don't seem to have many things for the rino.

Theres someone else on ebay selling rino cables for $17, better than $35


(if you might consider that pfranc idea)

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If you're looking for on-the-cheap or roll-your-own, what you seek is:




Me and soldering irons don't get along too well, so I have the Garmin one.

Hmm, hadn't visited that page in awhile, so pfranc isn't actually making the cable due to lack of interest.


You can get the plug from him though, and includes links on how to make the cable.


See; http://www.pfranc.com/projects/rPlug/index.htm


Anyways, good luck with it. GPSGeek is another good option as others have pointed out.

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Thanks for all the input, I have a bid on one at Ebay... several are there for the taking if anyone else is looking. Most are around $10. I bid on the first one I saw & I have 4 more days with my $15.50 bid plus $6 shipping. I am not a patient person. Oh well...

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