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New Coin In The Queue


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Hi all, I have just received back the proof for my personal coin and will be letting the mfr know to start production in the next day or so. The coin will be 1.5 inch in diameter, polished nickel finish, 2d, (I couldn't afford 3d on my first effort), with the year engraved on the back and a series of sequential numbers on the front. These coins will NOT be trackable on geocaching.com (I'm not that rich) however I do plan on keeping track of them on my website.


You can get a look at it on my coin page.


I am planning a limited run of 150 coins. I am not interested in selling them but am looking for trades only. There will be a few coins spread around the local caching community in caches as a reward for participation but I am looking at most of them for trades.


Anyone who is interested in making a trade drop me an email (graylling at shaw.ca) and I'll put your name on the list in order of the time stamp on the email (in case I get too many trades). I don't check the forum every day so email is the best way to get your dibs in.


I am hoping to get the coins in hand by the end of the month or first week in November whereupon I will be sending them out as soon as I can package them up. I will keep people posted as to the progress thru the forum in this thread.


Happy Caching

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I am trying to get back to everyone that has emailed me to set up a trade but due to the overwhelming response and the fact that I'm a slow typer it may take me a day or so. Hang in there. I have also put a list of the stuff I have or have ordered on the page with the artwork so you can see what I do have already. Thanks.

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Well apparently I miscalculated the time it would take to do up my coins. I was originally quoted 2 wks at the mint but it appears they will be here much sooner. I just received an email from Coins and Pins saying that they are shipping out on the 18th.


Allowing for a couple or 4 days to get here I should have them by this coming weekend. If there are no problems with them then I'll start the shipping process for all those people who have arranged trades with me. Please bear with me on this as I will not be sending them out all at once but will try and do a few each day. (I do have a life that involves work, caching, hockey, family) I will however try and get them out as soon as possible.


There is still room for more trades if anyone else wants one. I have an updated list of what I have and what I am looking for here. My Coin Page


For those of you in the local area, LFD, XRN95 et al, I'll have some available for local cachers and will let you guys know where you can get them.


Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest. It's been a great project. :D:D

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