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Microsoft Streets And Trips With 60cs


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I decided to install MS Streets and Trips 2005 that I bought the other day and it doesn't support USB!.......Worthless!....I've spent hours searching for a solution, but haven't found anything that works. I don't have a serial port on my laptop, so is anyone using a Garmin 60CS with S&T. I know they make USB-Serial adapters, but I don't really want to hassle with that if I don't have to. Is anyone using a software solution? I know this should go to the software section, but I got no where with a post similar to this one. I was planning to to head out in the morning on a Delorme caching trip, but PQ's aren't coming through and this S&T's has me frazzled.....I'm about to go Postal!.....:mad:

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Thanks TL. Figures, I should never have opened it. Now I see that it doesn't support GPX files, so that shoots that idea down. I spent quite awhile on the MS Troubleshooting site last night and that is in reference to the included GPS that is bundled with S&T. There is a program called GPS Gate that is suppose to work and make your USB a virtual port, but I can't get that to work either. That costs $30, so I'm out more money. I give up!......By the time I buy a Serial cable and USB-Serial adapter I could go out and buy 2006 version. I wish I had known about the issues and ordered the 2006 version.


Yeah right, I'd buy another S&T again!......This 2005 version is going in a geocache or the nearest garbage can ASAP..... :unsure:

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... Now I see that it doesn't support GPX files, so that shoots that idea down.


Not sure what idea that is, but GSAK does output files for Streets & Trips. So just run the GPX thru GSAK and then export to S&T.


As to connecting a USB GPSr, I can't help you - don't have one and my laptop has a serial port (that's one reason I bought it).

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