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Big Bear, Ca Trackable Geocoin


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Well, it's in production! Big Bear, Ca now has it's own www.GC.com trackable geocoin! They are only being sold from one place. The following website:


Big Bear Geocoin




This coin was designed by team Tandemaniacs and is being sold on their personal website. At this time only 100 coins will be minted, but if sales take off, 200 coins will be minted, but no more than that. This will truely be a collector's item.


We gave the locals a chance to order 1st by posting the new site at 10pm last night. By this morning more than 1/4 of the coins have been promised! Don't miss out. It's a beautiful, unique coin.




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OVER 130 coins have been ordered in 2 hours. We have changed the minting to 200 coins and no more! We promise not to mint more than that. Thank you all for your excitment. I will accept orders in the order I receive them. I apologize if I have to turn you away. I am very excited to see this huge interest. Those of you who ordered will get information soon about where to send your money.




Thank you, thank you , thank you!




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I can not email from work, could you put me down for 1 coin.


Thank You

Worse comes to worse and you were not able to email. I'll trade/sell you my extra. I got my email in early enough that I am sure I'll get the two I requested. I gotcha covered if needed.

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