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GS&Dogs go geocaching – The planning is done, the car is packed, Dogs take up their position and off we go. The drive to the cache location is usually filled with excitement and anticipation. Usually a long car ride means we are heading towards a new and wonderful destination with loads of smells and interesting things to see and chase at times. We all still have a little wild in us, don’t we :unsure: ?


Then after 2hrs as we near our destination waypoint, the mood suddenly changes. There, on the gate, is terrible disheartening sign. NO DOGS ALLOWED :unsure: .


If you have ever had a dog as a friend, you will know that there are few things as wonderful as seeing man’s best friend running loose and investigating a new surrounding. Now how do you think it will feel if you just leave them in the car and you go out and explore?


I’m sure we are not the alone with this regard. Please people, let us know if our friends can join too. It only takes a few minutes extra when you register new caches to edit the attributes. This allows people to plan ahead, making geocaching a more enjoyable sport for all. Some people really spend a lot of time on their caches and others just seem to do it for the sake of getting their rankings up.


What are your views on this? Have you also fallen prey to a lack of information?

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What are your views on this? Have you also fallen prey to a lack of information?

I agree that folks should attempt to populate these attributes where possible. While I haven't fallen prey to the lack of attributes, it does provide some extra and sometimes useful information.


I don't currently cache with pooch, but intend doing so in future, so it would be nice to know whether a cache is pooch friendly or not.


When in doubt, best to contact the cache owner.

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But then again, I have seen cache pages where there are so many attribute icons that they become totally intrusive.


If you're going to use the attributes, keep the numbers down!


Or, put a few lines on your cache page outlining the basic rules to be found at the site.

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I agree with Azaruk that a lot of those attributes are unnecessary, but I have had the same experience as GS&Dogs where i have had to turn back due to dogs not being allowed, which is very sad indeed.


If the cache clearly states that the cache is in a reserve or something, then we can guess that dogs might not be allowed, but sometimes there is no description at all, and we can't even guess that.


So an appeal to all non-dog owners - please let us know when dogs are not allowed at a cache.


Thanks :mad:

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Know what you mean....unfortunately my two daugters (5y old Dobermann twins) are absolutely unruly and will try to eat anything looking remotely edible or threatening. Let's just say I can't take them anywhere! They once tried a cow...


I do think that they would love geocaching...

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