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Wisconsin Geocoins Now For Sale!


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We are now accepting orders for Wisconsin's first offical geocoin.


Sorry, no international orders... U.S.A. only.


Front of coin:



Back of coin:


NOTE: The coin will not be colored. The colors in these images are simply to highlight the various levels (depths) of the designs on the coins. Also, the die art is only showing the outlines of the whitetail deer image; the image on the coins will be 3-D and very detailed.


Coins will be 1.5" diameter brass coins with a polished gold finish and will be shipped with a protective plastic case. They will be trackable at geocaching.com.


Visit the WGA Store to order your coins (www.wi-geocaching.com/oscommerce)

Note that the coins have not been minted yet. We are having people prepay for the coins first, then ordering them when we know how many are needed. After coin ordering is closed, the WGA will obtain the geocaching tracking numbers and order the coins. It is expected that the coins will be shipped in mid to late November. You will receive email notification when the coins are shipped and will be informed if any delays occur in the manufacturing or shipping process.


Special thanks to Paul Thomas (pcfrog) for spearheading the effort to get a Wisconsin geocoin made and for creating the coin design. Without all of his hard work and pushing we never would have been selling coins this year.

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Tried to order 6 for two of us, but it seems we are not welcomed if we are not from the States. :unsure:


Can't understand what the problem would be. Most every other place will ship to Montreal, Canada. It's only 65-70 miles from New-York State and we would be paying for S&H. A real shame. :unsure:


Thanks anyway.........

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I'm not sure what the intentions are for the future of International sales. I do know that for the purpose of initiating sales in the year 2005, there were certain limits put on ordering the coins. The coins aren't even minted yet, so don't give up. Perhaps once the system is figured out, the WGA will open sales up across the border and/or oceans.


It took a lot of thought, conversation, debate, and...well...crap to get these going. I'm sure it will all come together if we just give it some time.



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Well, I tried to place my coin club order for 48 coins, got all the way to Paypal, and got this:


We are unable to complete your request at this time. Please click Retry or try again later. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Message 3004


Edited: Got through on a later attempt - payment sent, thanks!

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Did you mean White-tailed Deer??



White Tail ... White Tailed ... White-Tail ... ahhhhhhh!


Actually we had discussion and voting on that.

Turns out there is more than one way to word the name of the deer, each would be acceptable, even scientific articles out ther that use multiple choices of wording in one article.

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Any international buyers having issues purchasing the coins may contact me as a buy-through agent. I'm located in Los Angeles and have experience with international shipping.

I have replied to all e-mail requests from international buyers interested in the coin. If you did not receive a reply from me, then I did not receive your e-mail. Please re-send your request.

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