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Virtual Geocoins In Virtual Caches


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I just received the following notification from Geocaching.com :


"Log Date: 10/8/2005

We're dropping a virtual geocoin for a virtual tour of Greece prior to

our visit next April."


This is in one of my virtual caches on the Greek island of Kephalonia. . .Link


My first instinct was to delete the log as I have had no explanation from the originator but I am prone to over-reaction so I thought that I would canvas opinion here.


Does anyone have any similar experiences or thoughts on the placing of virtual Geocoins in virtual caches ?

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It's happened to my caches, and I've done it myself since. It is more common now, so expect it.


I do delete logs on cache pages where I have left a Virtual TB though, once it has gone again (which is normally grabbed by someone else within a few minutes!).

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I think I'm missing something here - I can't see why you've worried and now having read Stuey's log again I can't see why he goes to the trouble of deleting the logs he's left.

Just because I don't want to clutter up the logs with irrelevant notes. No other reason really.

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I think I am missing something here as well. Why a virtual geocoin, Why not a real one? Why not a virtual travel bug? :P

Does this mean that I could have a virtual geocoin or travel bug on a virtual cache?

So in the long winter months I could make a virtual cache with a virtual travel bug, from me sitting here at my computer.. :P

Then anyone could log a find also from sitting at home. ;)

YES I know its only a game. :P

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i only just came across virtual coins and TBs and thought, woo hoo, extra numbers! Then i thought, what's the point? Its only my personal opinion but to me it felt like cheating! (I know, its only a game - keep telling yourselves that! :rolleyes:

So we logged the four seasons cache, mainlt because we wanted one extra so we could do The View this weekend as our 100th, but we don't think we'll bother much with virtual TBs and armchair caches! I do still have Haggis Hunters list on my favs though!



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Where I have seen virtual TBs / Geocoins, I think people have posted a note, rather than a 'found it!' So it shouldn't affect find numbers, should it?

Also, if there is no tracking number to log, then it wouldn't affect people's TB count.


Don't quite understand it, but I suppose it's a bit of fun if you're stuck in the office rather than out finding caches!!

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Oops, sorry, didn't know they had tracking numbers. In my opinion, then, that doesn't seem fair. I would kind of view it as cheating if I hadn't actually made the physical effort to go and find something.


I know people say it isn't a numbers game, and that your find number doesn't really matter. but mine matters to me! I like to see how many caches and TBs I've found, and if I can just add to those counts by sitting in front of the computer, it sort of changes the Geocaching experience, I think.

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Its all about how YOU want to play the game. I have never logged anything I have not touched or been to, but that does not make it wrong.


Its just not for me. :P


edit:- That was a bit of a lie above, I did log rutsons Geocoin back in Oct 2004, without seeing the coin (he emailed me afterwards).

I did touch rutson, but that’s another story :rolleyes:<_<


I must learn to think BEFORE I post :P

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