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Train Trestles

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Railroads will be around for a long time as a long distance carrier, especially as a transporter of raw materials such as coal. Passenger service is another story, but, again, in larger metropolitan areas, I think that commuter lines will remain (they are building new commuter rail lines in the Boston area). But, all too true, many of the lesser lines have been abandoned.


Having said that, though, I give it my 'thumbs up' vote.


I know that a fairly prominent trestle was taken down near where I work, and from time to time, a trestle is destroyed because either it was for a railroad line that had been long abandoned or was just too old to fix.

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I like it!


Train trestles are VERY cool structures and would actually require some effort to find some of them.


I think it would probably be best placed as a sub-cat of the "Bridges" catagory though.


I've been thinking of another Bridges sub-cat myself.


I can't really tell whether cat proposals are being "accepted" or not right now but I think I'll go ahead and suggest mine, worst that can happen is I'll get told "No" and I've survived that before.



After all, we can discuss now and Jeremy can "accept" later.









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Actually, I do not think this should be a sub-cat of bridges. It is a bridge, on one hand...but for a entire different type of transportation.


Trestles are contructed different, in most cases, and have alot of different features.


Some train bridges are identical to road ones, but atleast more of the trestles in my area, are HUGE single lane truss bridges that span over a 1/4 mile in length across a valley.

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Yeah, that's true too.


I haven't seen a trestle like you describe since I was a kid, just thinking about it brings back a lot of good memories.


I know they've still got to be out there somewhere. They're never where you come across them in the course of your regular day for some reason. To me, "harder to find" means a more interesting cache or catagory.


Either way, I think maybe it's time I took a look at a good topo map to see if I can find one.

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