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Direct Route (magellan) Issue

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I think you got your answer in the GSAK thread.


Another option to eliminating the comments is to keep the number of waypoint per file down. I keep my cache waypoint files down to 100-170 so there is enough room to autoroute with street names with any given file active.


GSAK makes this pretty easy to do. There is a macro on the GSAK site that uses strategically placed center points and distance limits to filter and write multiple files to an explorist with a single button click. One would need to to some preparation and modification to adapt to one's own needs, but it's heady to update a 700-waypoint database and then write it all in usable chunks to an SD card with a single click.

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You don't say what s/w you're using, but GPSBabel does have an (admittedly obscure) option that caps the number of comments uploaded in a single shot.

The pertinent piece of my waypoint uploader includes

gpsbabel ... blah blah blah .... -o magellan,maxcmts=185 -F my_serial_port

which ensures I have 15 blanks left for DR to hijack. (Add that to my complaint list that wasn't addressed in Explorist, too...)


I don't find having to reroute every 15 turns to be too bad becuase I delete caches as I find them which frees up more.

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Hmmm. I guess so. Let me guess-all GC waypints have comments with them, so when I uploaded a PQ with over 200 caches, it can't display the street names. That stinks! I wonder if there is a way to not use waypoint comments for caches.


Oh, and thanks!

Here is what I do with my Meridian gold, I keep my geocache file to 100 or maybe 150. THen I have files for each area I geocache in, right now I have about 20 areas loaded on my SD card. I just activate the file for the city I am in, and when I am in another city I delete that file and load the file for that city. THere is no way I am ever going to find 100 caches in a day so keeping the files to about 100 works just fine. THe other option would be to have files set for difficulty ratting or cache type. I also keep matching files in my explorist 500 and in my pock PC.

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