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Shortest Hike You Ever Made To A Cache

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Found more than a couple without even leaving the vehicle. :P

In fact on one cache run it became the object, and the driver was greatly harassed if he couldn't manuever close enough. <_<

It's not as easy as it sound though, and another requirement was to careen across the wallyworld parking lot at over 45 MPH (after hours of course) while we guessed which lamppost it was in. :P

Sliding minivan doors are better than traditional car doors for this extreme level of geocaching. BTW it was a lot of FUN!!! :P:P:P

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There is a series of caches here called "The Caching Gods" Theta (waypoint GCQEQC) is a leg of the series that you will find on Wheeling island, I drove up to this one and I could have sat in the car to retrive it from its location I would say I took one step to grab this one. :laughing:

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...I'm waiting for someone to hide a cache inside my car so I don't even have to roll down the window...

One temporary stage of a very difficult multi-cache was in a magnetic key holder under my car! At the start of the cache, they placed it there and the coordinates for one of the stages was at the edge of a parking lot. The parking lot was empty so I parked right at ground zero and looked everywhere around the area until I remembered a comment I had heard earlier that caused me to think I was being spoofed. Sure enough, there it was under the car, right at the coordinates!

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I'm waiting for someone to hide a cache inside my car so I don't even have to roll down the window.


I signed a cache I found in someone's car twice. Once I was helping someone unload their car at an event, and they had the replacement container for a cache in need of repair in the rear of the car behind the cooler. :laughing:

At GW3 we were looking for a cache near the parking area, and spotted an ammo can in the back of IC Man's car, so we opened it up and signed the log. I never actually logged that one though.


I too have had the magnetic stage hidden on my car for a special 1K hide, but searched outside for quite a while before finding it. :laughing:

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We actually found one (we didn't even have a GPS at the time) while eating at a fast food joint. My wife spotted a light pole in a parking lot across the street with a magnetic keyholder on it. We were about 60 feet from it when she saw the thing. I put down my happy meal and drove over. She leaned out and grabbed it. We got home and found the cache page and logged it.

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Pulled up, rolled down the car window, reached out, and found it.


I'm waiting for someone to hide a cache inside my car so I don't even have to roll down the window.




I'm kidding - please don't hide a cache inside my car.

You mean like this one? :ph34r:

After seeing the preview of the geocaching documentary featuring the VK's and others, and hearing of their MO, I'd imagine you have to move pretty fast to log it while they are in caching mode. :ph34r: Might be better to do it while they are at an event or sleeping. :ph34r:

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