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I want to know, does the difficulty rating refer only to how hard it is to find the cache once your there or does it sort go along with the terrain.


I've seen some caches that are on the top of a mountain with a 5 star terrain and a 5 star difficulty but the cache is a huge container thats way easy to find.

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The difficulty rating should be the difficulty of finding the cache once you're there - though it will also include the difficulty of working out a puzzle or of working through multi stages. A 5 gallon bucket cache on top of a mountain might well be a 4 or 5 terrain but only a 1 difficulty. You see 5 terrrain boat caches with 1 difficulty here in Florida. I have a multi cache rated 2.5 terrain and 2 difficulty. The final is a pink plastic flamingo holding the cache. Fairly conspicuous <_< but it is a multi, so the difficulty is 2.

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The diffuculty should deal with, how hard it is to find. How hard it is to obtain coordinates (puzzle), how hard it is to find legal entrance (protected by private property, may have to cross creek or something), how to actually get somewhere (if it's on a cliff and you need to find out the most plausible way to get there).


Basically, whatever your mind has to do. It's rating the strain you put on your mind.

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