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Explorist Car Mount And Charger

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I know there has been a lot of threads and the Explorist's Firmware and annoying design of the cables.


My gripe is this:


I have an Explorist 600 with a windshield mount. Every time I put my Explorist the cradle I have to screw in the the cable.


There appears to be no way for it be maintain constant power until it is screwed in. So it is a big pain (especially when you are on a cache run) and you like to take in and out of the cradle has you drive to each cache site.


Does anyone know of a work around solution for this? Or is there another type of Explorist car mount that does not have this problem?


I used to have a Sportstrac Color (until it got stolen) that could make contact with the cable in the back without having to be screwed in.

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I'm not sure what kind of mount you are describing...is it the Magellan mount that sticks to the windshield with several small suction cups?


The Magellan swivel mount works as you described for your SporTrack. The clip on the top of the cable clips into the mount so it is "permanently" secured. Then the explorist just clicks into the mount, and there is a good mate with the cable contacts.


I put velcro on the bottom of my swivel mount so I could put it in different vehicles or on my desktop.

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I recently purchased the Magellan eXplorist Vehicle Mounting Bracket. It enabled me to snap the cable connector in place permanently. Now all I do is snap my eXplorist in/out of the mount. The mount maintains excellent connection.. so far. :laughing:


It is more expensive than the swivel mount, but I didn't want to have to deal with velcro or other means of mounting the unit in my vehicles.

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Bob&3B, unless you bought something non-Magellan, I think you must have the device Trail Buzzrds described. Check and see if your cable will click into the hole for it by first inserting the rigid tab at the bottom of the cable mount, and then depressing the flexible top tab to allow it to secure the top of the cable mount.

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