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Ultimate Geocache?


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Awsome, 4 8 15 16 23 42, I think I got it but I'm not sure. I wonder if anyone will do a cache with that theme, a puzzle cache. Given the reputation of the numbers.


I can see it now, your caching partner get's bit by a snake, in winter. Your truck won't start. The cachers behind you have to log DNF, it goes on and on..... <_<

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I'm just going on a hunch here, but the numbers used as coords,


Lat 4.815

Lon 162.342

aren't too far from the coords of the island in the book The Mysterious Island, by Jules Vern


Lat S36

Lon W152


My mapping programs are not doing well on a global scale, but in the book they estimate thier accuracy to be off as much a S 35-37 and W 150 to 155. Would the coords from the "numbers" be inside the range of accuracy of the island in Jules Verne's book?

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Yeah, I like the idea. I'd like to make a LOST themed puzzle cache. Mudda, if your working on one (or plan on it) let me know cause we are only about 20 miles from each other, I can put one in LBL (western Kentucky) if you want to make one yourself. That way they woulden't be too close.


Now I have to think what kind of container, swag, puzzles.................

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