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Cache Quality By County

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I'm off to Bootle next week. The number of caches around Liverpool seems to have increased dramatically since I was last there, so I'm trying to find some highly-rated must-do's via G:UK's rating system.


Since I don't know where the dividing line between Merseyside and Lancashire lies, I took a look at both Counties. I was surprised to see a marked difference - Merseyside seems to have only 3 or 4 caches struggling towards a 4 star rating (and I'd have to visit the Wirral for those) - whereas Lancs (which does admitted have 3 times as many) has a surfeit of highly-rated caches (but they're even further away).


So which County in the UK has the best rated caches? One for you Brian?


And more immediately (for me) - where are the must-do's closest to Bootle? Anyone for Golf and Netherton are on the list already, since they're so close; but if I'm going to have to drive 10 miles or more, I'd like to do the "best" ones...! :ph34r:

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I would suggest that, rather than using Lancashire or Merseyside in your GUK search, you should just put GCNJWH "Anyone for Golf" (as the nearest cache to Bootle) as the centre point. County boundaries are not awfully relevant in this context and many of us from round here deny the existance of Merseyside which was created by local government reorganization and abolished in the next reorganization. Here in St Helens we are said by some to be in Merseyside, but our postcode is WA which is Warrington which is in Cheshire - as far as we are concerned however we are Lancastrians and always have been! :ph34r:

Getting back on topic I must say that suggesting the best caches is very subjective as one man's meat is another's poison. Of course all mine in the area are great, as if! :lol:

I will have a look through my own finds and let you have an email later when I have remembered which I thought good.

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The The mersey beat series 1- 6 are pleasant walk through the cities parks which are a real pleasant surprise in a much maligned city,

and we enjoyedGCNAKB Costal copse at Blundellsands which is the location for Anthony Gormley's Another Place


And of course John stead is being modest as his caches at Rufford and wiggin tree are most enjoyable


Hope you enjoy your time in Bootle


Iain the Bargee

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The The mersey beat series 1- 6 are pleasant walk through the cities parks which are a real pleasant surprise in a much maligned city,

I completed those on my last trip! :ph34r: Coastal Copse is third on my draft list after the close ones - thanks.


I appreciate the concerns over the use of subjective ratings - but I personally think they are a useful indicator, if not taken as absolute.

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So which County in the UK has the best rated caches?  One for you Brian?

Funny you should ask - I've just been playing with a county map... The original aim was to produce something like Moote's profile, but also to be able to show visually Barry's stats that Brian linked to above.


Here's one which shows the average of everyone's scores, by county... (brighter colours are better scores). More soon!



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BTW That largish light orange blob in far SE Wales is Monmouthshire, not Gwent. Gwent as a county disappeared in '96 to be transmogrified into a different sort of blob further west "Blaenau-Gwent County Borough Council". I've been browsing the GCUK "Top Caches" listings to find out the top rated nearest to me and I've been thinking that it would be useful if everyone could put their county abbreviation in brackets after their cache name. I have an idea that I've seen someone else make the same plea, somewhere else on this Forum....? Mrs B

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