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I have a Totem Poles virtual cache on the unmentionable Terracaching web page. It has been wonderful to see all the different styles of totem poles around the world.


this is my brief write up to get you interested.... Of course, it would be altered to fit the Waymarking guidelines.....


TOTEM POLE - a large carved tree trunk that tells the story of a Native American family's ancestral spirits and family history (pictured in human and animal form). They depict the spirits as people, mythical beasts, and wildlife treasured by the family. Commonly used animals are the bald eagle, grizzly bear, moose, beaver, otter, mountain goat, wolf, whale, porpoise, seal, seal lion and salmon.


Further information:

Encarta - TOTEM POLE



1. One log per Cacher

2. One listing per Totem Pole - picture with GPSr included

3. Optional history of the totem pole


Now, go out and look for a totem pole in your own "back yard" and take a picture of it with your GPSr.

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