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Cc-coin September


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i have wrote in the web the September Coin from the CC-Club have different rings !!! and is selective Availability with Red and Green Ring.

Everybody knows !about this !!!

I have only with green rings, if everybody would trade about a coin with red ring, i would be very lucky.

Let me know if this info is correct !!

That´s my coin http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=197672


thanks darth_maul_3 :unsure:

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Ok, here's the low down from Mike of the Geocoin Club:


The New Subscriber coin right now is a variation of our Selective Availability coin. The difference is it has no September date marked on it and it has a green border.


So they look similar, but the issues are different.




So there you go. They actually are different coins. When you subscribe to the Geocoin Club, the first month following your registration you will receive the New Subscriber coin. The second and subsequent months, you will receive the regular coin. So, if you signed up in August, you'll receive the New Subscriber coin this month (not the ammo can coin) and in November you'll receive the U. S. Coast & Geodetic Survey coin.

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