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3 Pids, Same Designation

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Looking at a new grid to search in the desert east of Fallon, NV, I found three PIDs with the same designation: KR1510, KR1845 and KR1846 all called BORAX. 45 & 46 are at the same location with 0.3m difference in elevation and neither have any descriptive text available. 1510 is adjusted and nearly exact WRT location and about 0.8m difference in elevation. They all seem to be the same mark.


Why is this? Should I look for three marks when I climb this hill or is it just one duplicated over the years? Am I having NooB syndrom again and missing something simple here? :P

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I'm not sure where you found reference to KR1845 and KR1846. There is no entry I can find on Groundspeak site, and the NGS site only lists them as "no geodetic control" with approximate coordinates.


I would expect that you will find the disk for KR1510, with two reference mark disks nearby that you cannot log.because they don't have their own data sheets. Still worth including their condition in the report on the main disk.


You should also see if you can identify the remains of KR1509 BORAX CAIRN SSE which was formerly located about 38 feet south southeast of the main disk but is now listed as destroyed in its recovery history (but interestingly the data sheet is still active).

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I ran a rectangular search and printed off the summary sheet. When I first looked at data sheets I only had the "D" note. I just ran the data sheet search again for just those two PIDs and now see the "N" codes. Thanks for catching that one. Don't know why the rectangular search did not show the "N"s.


Still a bit strange to have three distinct PIDs for the same site. I'm sure there was a reason at some point.

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