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Sending Your Coins To Britain.

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It is with many thanks to F0t0m0m, (thanks K&J) that we started this topic. We have just sent them our TB to travel America so we thought it would be good to return the favour to anyone who wants something to come to the UK. Also we are going to London at the end off the month so email sent to Ladebare68!

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I have a California Geocoin that I am going to attach to a Travel Bug tag. It will be logged as a TB and can also be logged on the Calif Geocoin site. Reading this topic is giving me the idea to send it somewhere. Anyone in Europe want to take it and move it?


Also, please tell me if I need to mark the envelope as to contents when sending to your country.

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When sending out one or two coins, if the coins were shown to the employee at the postal or customs counter before sealing the envelope, wouldn't that be a way of letting them know it is just some kind of token and not an object of high value such as a collectible money coin?


That way, it would probably be marked off as a token, not a coin. I would try it that way.


Big JohnP

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I was marking them as "Novelty Token"... but the man at the Post Office said that if it's under 1 pound I don't need the customs form... so I've stopped doing the customs forms...

Yep, I've sent a bunch of stuff and have never been required to fill one out. It probably helps being small town the the Post Master knows everyone.

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