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I got my first GPS from Santa in 1997-98 (some time I don't know) - it was free. The ETREX is a good starter unit and the price is right. Save your allowance & lunch money and get one that will zoom in closer than 200'. If you are a really good boy mabye Santa will leave you a nice one in your stocking this year - time is running out. After that I shelled out the big bucks $200 & $150 each. Next step is $500 - go me.

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I bought my first GPS (Magellan 315) on clearance from Searsjust after Christmas 3 years ago. I think the list was 160 and it was $49.00. It was a great unit, and I gave it to my brother, trying to get him into geocaching. No luck,, Hopefully he'll get the fever .


The bad news is I have the DataSend waypoint cd and I can't download the waypoint to my MeriGold. At least I can manually input them.

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I got a brand new yellow etrex onetime for $25. :D


Well $25 plus a few Marlboro miles so that's pretty good. :mad:


Make that $25 plus a bunch of miles, thats still pretty good isn't it? :P


You know it seems that I rember that it was more like $25 plus a couple thousand miles but I don't thinks that's that bad. :D


How's that saying go... somthing about seven minutes of your life for every cigarette you smoke... . :huh:


Now that I think about it, that was an expensive GPS ! :D

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