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Location Based Games


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I stumbled across an article about LBGs (Location Based Games) in Popular Science today.


Anyone played one of these? They use GPS enabled cell phones to that put you IN the game. Apparently your movement, direction and the speed you walk affects your characer in the game.


RayGun is an example. http://www.glofun.com/raygun/raygun.html


I'm wondering if someday Geocachign could be combined with software like this.

Try to find a cache while ghosts pursue you or attempt to block your route.


You have to do virtual battle with them before you can get to the cache and log your find.


Just a thought. I couldn't help but think of geocaching when reading about these new games.

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I like the concept of the game, get people to exercise by making it fun.  The only downside i see to this would be the need to play it in a field so there is plenty of room the maneuver without running into something

No. It would be more fun and challenging if you played it in the woods...at night! B)


I'm not sure I understand how the ghosts work, though. Are they created/manipulated by other players or just some big computer in the sky?


I think this could be worked into the present form of geocaching. Of course the cache would be rated 5 (special equipment).


I can see it now: killing ghosts, swating mozzies and trying to find a micro while dodging muggles and looking cool. :P


I like it. B):P

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