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Geocache Bucket Shuts Down Part Of Idaho

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And the article starts:


A high-tech scavenger hunt caused a traffic nightmare Tuesday when a bomb scare shut down part of Idaho 55 for about six hours while authorities investigated what turned out to be a bucket with a global positioning device inside under the Rainbow Bridge.


Idaho Transportation Department inspectors doing a routine bridge-safety inspection at the bridge north of Smiths Ferry about 10 a.m. noticed an object "they couldn't identify," ITD spokesman Mike Maller said.


The inspectors called the Valley County Sheriff's Office and closed the highway to traffic; the Boise police bomb squad and Idaho State Police also were called to the scene.


The highway is the main commuter route between Boise and McCall and traffic was backed up for miles.


The suspicious object turned out to be a geocache, a container with a GPS tracking device used for a kind of scavenger hunt called geocaching. Players hide GPS units for others to find, Idaho State Police spokesman Rick Ohnsman said.

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