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New Cache Software

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I read somewhere in this forum about a program that you can run all the time with a broadband connection (or dial-up if you've more money than sense) that alerts you to any new caches.


Any ideas?

Yes it exist and tells you when there is a new cache in the area, I had it on a PC which went ca-put about 2 weeks ago, but cant remember the name of it. Aggggghhhhhhh


Milton (aka Moote)

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Are you talking about the instant notification sevice

No, I don't think so. I've checked the Instant Notification thing but it looks far too limited.


If memory serves correctly, it's a stand along program I'm looking for.

So you want something other than an instant email as soon as a cache appears near any place you choose? What is so limited about that?

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Has anyone actually got this program to work - the URL seems to be unreachable every time I try! I think it could be useful.



I have it working OK, the URL I'm using is taken from a Pocket Query of 500 Caches from my home co-ordinates. it looks like this "http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/gcquery.aspx?guid=8ed42e40-60a9-4ffc-9699-c8800a1d24a5" Go grab one of your's and try it.


Milton (aka Moote)

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There is no doubt in my mind that this is a great programme to have, but only if the FTF notification didn't exist. It appears to me that the GC.com notification does exactly the same.

You still have to set both up so that your queries will run.

You still have to be a Premium Member for both to run.


Unless I am missing something, it's just another programme using up memory that you don't actually need. :P:P

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Unless I am missing something, it's just another programme using up memory that you don't actually need. :P  :P [/color]

Depends how far you're prepared to go to bag a FTF. I believe the GC.com notification is limited to 50 miles around your coordinates, whereas using pocket queries will allow you to cover a wider area in one go.


Note, however, that the PC application is against the Groundspeak terms of use. (If everyone used it, it'd be several million extra hits on the server every day!). I presume that Jim's choice of using Pocket Queries rather than, say, the publically available state/country lists, is an attempt to avoid the wrath of GC.com.

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