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Shelter Ii

Bad Majec

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I wonder how many times a single cache has created a forum thread? Bad Majec, I hope to make it tomorrow, I cannot commit at this time. If I do make it, I'll grab a couple bags of chips. Look forward to meeting you again along with some other fellow cachers!

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Let's keep a running total of how many hours have been spent on this cache so far.


Team ATMS88


Saturday - 45 minutes (got kicked out for a party)

Sunday - 2 hrs. 15 min (got kicked out for preschoolers party)

Monday - 1 1/2 hours


TOTAL for Team ATMS - 4.5 Hours (so far)

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<_< Nice to know our neighbors to the North are suffering as much as we are...LOL


In Bloomington we are suffering from "Total Insanity" at the hands of Prairiepartners ;)




I would venture 15+ hours or so have been spent here since it went live 9/17 still no finders.

But we will keep looking, anyone have a microscope attachment for GPS?? Are you sure we can't use chainsaws?!?

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Not going to make it tonight guys. To be honest, I've got too many other things that have to be done (laundry, grass, family time) and I've spent enough time at Shelter 2. Kudos to those that find it and good luck to all! <_<


(But I'm still keeping track of the hours!)

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Additional thought while I'm preparing for a day of finding on Wednesday, I hope to meet some of you after IMM posts his so called hint after the 14th! :D


Thanks to IMM and Badmajec for finally giving me a reason to get into the forums. I need to work on my identity here. Will be posting an avatar and coming up with a clever signature soon.

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OK...we went back out tonight (good food, fun cachers - THANKS!)...for another 1 1/2 hours. Met up with Bad Majec, Doobies, Pappagoth, DAble Cachers, Team JLA, Los Xile and Oldtimers (I THINK that was everyone!).


We are working on a thought...but no electricity to try it out tonight. I have the equipment needed AND it is battery operated...anyone heading out let me know...if I can't make it, you can borrow it! I work downtown and I'll take it to work tomorrow for someone to borrow it!


My total time is 5.5

and the total so far is 13 hours.


We need everyone to log and total the hours!!!

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Wow! That is an amazing amount of time spent on this one! I can be up there in about two hours, should I bring a chain saw and an axe?? :P


I am jealous... I am sure it would be real fun searching for this with the group of characters that I see here!


Since Doobies is involved... you folks should have plenty of Oreos!


Have fun!


see ya, jeff'


btw: Bad Majec... I am a Oct 14 baby too! Happy birthday! (in a few more days)



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As I posted on the cache page....there WILL be cake at 4pm at the shelter house for MY birthday party on the 14th. That is....if no one finds the cache before then....but, I'm sure you will all want ME to find it for my birthday....so you'll wait until the hint and let ME find it!! RIGHT?????


Put us down for 9 1/2 hours.... :o:rolleyes:

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25 hours so far spent searching for this cache...and that doesn't count all the teams that haven't logged their hours yet...and there are quite a few of those!! (1401Jones is claiming 6 or 7 that we will need to add to the total!)


Hey Bad Majec... I kinda liked Muriwoodys idea to check out that praying mantis...pull on the head and out pops the cache! That is probably the ONLY thing we haven't checked!! :rolleyes:

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Remember Team ShyDog...the Shelter is BOOKED for dumb parties during the weekend....don't bother coming down unless you plan on chasing the RESERVED parties out...you might be able to visit in the evenings...but no guarentee...


I guess we could all hover and stare at them to move... :unsure:

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Yep, he's calling it 'IMM's non-hint of the day'. The man is taunting us people! I've invested only a total of about an hour. Since I'm a relative rookie with 89 finds as of today, and struggle with 3 1/2 star hides, I have conceded. We'll see what the hint is on the 14th. If it's as cryptic as IMM's usual hints, I may just concede completely till I get some more experience. Oh who am I kidding, I still have to finish the two multi-caches in this area and the pines cache, I wont be able to resist looking the shelter over when I return! :ph34r:

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