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Free Gps?


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What's the catch to those ads claiming to giveaway free GPSrs?

For example:

Free Handheld GPS System

Complete Our Online Survey And Receive A Handheld GPS Free!



Free Magellan GPS

Get a Free Magellan Gps Navigation Guaranteed 100% Free - Act Now!


They're obviously too good to be true, but I'm curious.

--- Twinstars :)

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Yeah, and if you complete a survey, you'll get a free Sony PSP, too. All you have to do is:


1) gimme your email address so I can sell it to spammers

2) refer at least 'X' number of others, who if they register too, THEN you might get your prize.

3) gimme personal intimate details so I can better sell that info to people who will spam every inbox you own, either email, postal, etc. Also, you agree to gimme your phone number, which allows me to avoid the 'Do Not Call' list (USA only), and since you've done business with me (and thus my partners), they can legally call you to sell you their super duper new & improved eggplant peeler/pogo stick. By the way, how many credit cards do you have? That's all? Here's some more cc offers.

4) pretty sure you have to sell your firstborn to the devil, too, but that might not be in all the contracts.


Sounds good, doesn't it? :)

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...they can legally call you to sell you their super duper new & improved eggplant peeler/pogo stick.

OMG! Now I know what I want for Christmas. Are you saying that all I have to do is complete the list of things you provided and somebody will call me wanting to sell me one? Awesome. :)


Seriously though, anything you see on the web that says it's free is bogus. Why would somebody go to all the trouble host a site, just to give stuff away for free? I've asked the question several times: "Who falls for this stuff?". Don't be one of them, please! B)

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