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The New Tennessee Coin Is Here

Panda Fan

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The new Tennessee Geocoin comes in a plastic coin sheath with tracking # and Activation code on it.


TN Geocoin 2005 :rolleyes:


I am willing to trade with other un-activated State or Country Groundspeak trackable Geocoins. I would appciate (picture or link) of coin.


I will wait 1 day for offers then I will post accepted offers.


Edit: Sorry I only have 3 the other four I could not get ahold of. :blink:

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I have a unactivated set of TN coins for trade. The set includes one gold, one silver and one pewter coin. There were only 150 of the gold coins, and 250 of the silver coins minted.


I am just starting a collection and I bought this set with the intent of trading for another multi coin set that would jump start my collection.


I am especially interested in coins that are trackable via GC.com, however will consider all offers.


At this point I am not interested in breaking up the set.


Please e-mail if you are interested and describe what you would trade for the set. I would like to agree on a trade this week. Please be patient since I am new, I will have to spend a few minutes researching each coin so I can understand what I am trading for.


Thanx for your help! <_<

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I want to thanks all who responded. <_<


Again I am sorry for the mix-up, but I only have 3 to trade and they go to:


Sandra - Maryland


Jason- Colorado


Marc - Silver Germany


If I had had more coins I would have traded with more of you. Please check out other the people in this listing who say they have TN coins to trade.

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