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Category Proposal: California Landmarks

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Well... I see a pinned topic that says that proposals aren't being accepted right now.


I also see plenty of proposals being made, and the category list seems to be slowly expanding.


So, whatever.


I would like to propose a subcategory under "Historic Places" for California Historical Landmarks. These are special brass plaques scattered all over the state of california memorializing... stuff, often stuff that's not there anymore.


I would probably require photo verification, although I would appreciate a pointer to any current discussion of the pros & cons of doing so.

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Directory Home > Things > Historic Things > California Historic Markers


If Pennsylvania has a Historic Marker category, California should too. :D I've always wanted to visit them all. Having the coords for them sure would make it easier. ;)




Well I guess I am 2nd inline after Marky except the one I am proposing is not so generic as what you and Marky are talking about. I dont know the percent but I do know Alot of these historical markers were put up by the "E Clampus Vitus" Chapters here in California. Here is the link to my proposal post

Here is a LINK to one of the E Clampus Vitus Chapters in San Diego that list the plaques and their coords.

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I agree that this would be a appropriate category proposal.


1. There are enough markers throughout the state that would make the category viable. About 1100 documented markers have been placed by the (California) Office of Historic Preservation and the Native Sons of the Golden West; and an large number of unnumbered and undocumented markers have been placed by the NSGW. The NSGW is actively collecting information on these markers.


2. Not all of the markers are on well-travelled roads and highways, making the search for little-known markers challenging.


3. Some organizations and individuals are trying to make the historical marker program more visible, and attaching the category to the Waymarking website would further that goal.

--> Girl Scouts Joshua Tree Council, headquarted in Bakersfield, CA, had a patch program designed around the California Historical Markers.

--> There's a book "California Why Stop? : A Guide to California Roadside Historical Markers", isbn 088415923X

-->and a website http://www.nsgw.org/monuments.htm


Lynn Speer

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