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I feel I need some help from the Geocaching Crime Support Unit :P

We have just been out to do a maintenance check on our cache Piggy Damand it appears the location has been compromised and the cache container has gone AWOL. We had a quick search around but couldn't find the container or its contents,we even looked around in case a cacher had retrieved it and was filling in the log around the corner.

As this is our first experience of this sort of thing (its like loosing an old friend) what are peoples opinions of the best course of action ?

I dont really want to move it somewhere else because the location was part of the reason for placing it there in the first place but I also don't want to replace it only for it to go missing again. Because we found no bits maybe its still alive somewhere and will miraculously come back when someones conscious gets the better of them.

B) The Alford Family

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I'm sorry to hear that the cache has gone missing.


A number of finders commented on the cache being well hidden and being in a good hiding place. That tends to suggest that perhaps it was taken by someone who found the cache page on gc.com, rather than someone who stumbled upon the container by chance. If that's the case, I don't think it's likely to reappear, and I'm not at all sure that rehiding it in the same place would be a good idea.


I would suggest that you find a new hiding place in the immediate area. I notice that the encrypted hint seems quite explicit - it might be a good thing to make it a little less precise. It's not unknown for people to find details of a cache near them on gc.com, then go out and steal it using maps and the hint.


Of course, that's all supposition. It could be that you could hide a new cache in the same spot with no further problems! Good luck whatever you decide to do.

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It's a horrible feeling. B)

We either replace in a new location nearby or archive the cache.

Also once an area falls to this muggling make your clue more vague and raise the difficulty by 1/2 a star.

The greatest loss to us in all cases was the log book, so much so that our next log book will have tear off sheets so we can take them home.

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Sorry the hear about this, but I'm afraid it's an occupational hazard - any cache can go missing, even the ones that you think are really well hidden.


You mention wanting to use the nice location so a good way to replace it is as a multi. Use the original location as the first point and then find a new good place to hide the cache elsewhere.


I lost several caches in close sucession and started using multis much more often. In addition to allowing the choice of the right hiding place which isn't necessarily adjacent to the nice location, it also makes the cache much harder for anyone who doesn't have a GPSr and relies on printing streetmap pages from the cache page.


Bill's comment about suitably cryptic hints is also a good one. I had several people without GPS finding caches in my early days (one of them was Bill....)!

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I agree with Fruity.....


Theree are several cachers I know of that will replace a cache once or twice, but once it happens again, put a micro in it's place.


It's not great having a cache nicked, but I'm afraid it these times, it's pretty inevitable.


Change your clue, move it a good 20 - 30 foot from where it was, and make the hiding place harder, or completely camoflage the box etc... even if you have to up the difficulty, a safer box is worth more!



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One of mine gets every other log saying 'amazed it's still there' due to the amount of activity around and I'm pretty sure the spot is used by schoolkids as a smoking hide, they must almost touch it without realising, but as it's a well camoflouged ammo box it never seems to get spotted.

Good camoflouge has to be the key, a white tupperware box would stand out a mile.

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Personally, I think the chances of someone getting the coordinates off the internet and going to steal it are very slight. Ok, I know, there is at least one odd :blink: person who does this, but you have to believe that for the majority this is rather more bother than its worth. People who are not looking for caches stumble into the weirdest areas: I found one that had twice been found by muggles well off the beaten track in the middle of a wood. Fortunately, they had signed the log and replaced the cache.


So I reckon better camoflauge is the key and moving the cache a few yards from where it was stolen in case the thieves check back there.

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