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Canine Cachers Coin - Order Now


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(The dog image will be raised 3d like the train on the Santa Cruz coin - don't let the funny artwork here fool you. It will look much better than this artist's rendition)


This coin will be here in 3-4 weeks.


500 coins were produced in 1.5-inch polished nickel and are sequentially numbered as shown "1 of 500, 342 of 500, etc."

Orders will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis and once they are sold out no more will be available/minted (otherwise the numbering would be screwed up! :) ).


Cost: $5.75 each (includes shipping/packaging to US)


Order Process:

1) Email us at caninecachers@gmail.com with the quantity that you'd like (do NOT use the link in my profile)

2) We (Hula Bum or I) will respond to confirm your order and send you the PayPal address for payment (sorry, this is the only method of payment)

3) You will need to pay within 48 hours or the order will be cancelled and we'll allocate those coins to the next order(s)

4) PLEASE include your caching name in the PayPal comments so we can easily match orders

5) Please do NOT email asking to be on a waiting list - there will not be one as payment is due right away and this is not a pre-order with payment later


Feel free to post your orders in this thread if you like (so others know how many have been ordered) but only orders received via the email address above will be taken.


NOTE: We may gone a good portion of Saturday so responses may be slow. We WILL respond to all emails and try to keep this thread updated as well.


Enjoy and best of luck on your orders!!


Edit: This is not a personal coin. It's a coin dedicated to those who cache with thier dogs.

Edit #2: Clarified that costs are for US. Will discuss international orders on a case-by-case basis.

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Just got back from a night out after the initial post.


WIll start returning emails shortly and will post an update on quantity available after that.




(Just to be clear - this is NOT a personal coin for somebody named "Canine Cacher". This was created based on some conversations with other dog owners who take thier buddies caching)

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Just checking in this morning - lots of new orders waiting in the inbox and I will get to them in a couple of hours (have to leave right now).


I did notice at least one request from outside the US (not including Canada). I wasn't thinking globally when I put this together (my fault) so I'll contact those few to discuss pricing for international shipping - sorry, I just didn't think about that ahead of time.

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I just spoke to Hula Bum and there are a handful left.


If you've emailed you should get a reponse shortly. Will post and update in the morning.


Thanks for all the orders and quick payments.

If you've not paid yet; please do so ASAP so that your order is not cancelled.


If you emailed an order but did not receive payment instructions, feel free to email ME through my profile; otherwise use the address listed above.



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Aloha All,


We are officially SOLD OUT of the Canine Coin 1st Edition.


For those of you who have NOT paid yet, please do so by midnight (or at least contact me) tonight or risk being removed from list for those on waiting list.


For those of you who haven't ordered yet, I have started a waiting list and will fill as orders become available (from the nonpayers). Please email me if you would like to add your name to the waiting list AND tell me how many you would like.


caninecachers@NOSPAMgmail.com (REMOVE the no spam before sending!!!!) is the address you NEED to use, Kealia isn't taking the orders, so don't send it to him!


Mahalo and have a wonderful day.

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Just got the tracking number this morning and the coins should be here by next Monday (10/24). Orders will start shipping right away in the order that they came in.


Numbering will be random. meaning that if you ordered 5 coins, we'll be grabbing 5 coins from the pile and inlcuding them in the order - they won't be sequential.


All 500 coins were paid for, so unless they inlcude some extras in the box, there will be none left to sell. Besides, it would screw up the numbering on the coins which is "XXX of 500".


I'll post a pic when they arrive.



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