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I have put out 3 caches and forgot to put pencil sharpeners in them. I have noticed that some people take the sharpeners out of caches. I looked around and couldn't find any cheap ones. I have found a place where I can get a gross of them for about a quarter each. If anyone is interested in purchasing a few from me please let me know. I am not looking to make money on this deal but I will have to charge shipping for what they charge me. Thanks for reading and posting. Please don't post negative reply's. I am just making an offer of assistance.

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I try to place some or all of these items in all my finds  :P  B)  B)  :D  B)





You need to hide some caches around Frederick, MD. I'm sure the FTF prize woulg be great. B)

No doubt. I was thinking one of these:



Seriously, though (yes, I was kidding for TPTB), I will be putting one out in the Frederick area when I get back from vacation (leaving tomorrow). Already have the freshly painted ammo can sitting in my basement chock full of fishing gear including a brand new Shimano spinning reel for the FTF, plus four breeder mini-caches for the area too.


There's a fantastic brand new park not two miles from my house that I would love to use, but all of the tree lines have signs woarning you out as it's a "reforestation" project. I'm waiting for the parks people to respond to my "Special Request" form to see if I can hide a cache in the reforestation area.

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