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Old Nonworking Etrex

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I just called Garmin, he went back to the work area, found a spare rubber ring and mailed it to me


That's got to be a first. From what I have read on the forums here Garmin will not just send you the rubber ring, even if you wanted to pay for it.


Many just send the unit back to garmin for repair or glue the old one back on.

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Just FYI, that rubber gasket is what Garmin calls the "keypad".


And for that $65 you won't "just" get the keypad put back on, you will get your unit refurbished to "as new", and you'll get a 90 day warranty on the work. For $65 it's a fine deal.


We refurbed my Vista before I upgraded to a 60CS, and had my hubby's Vista refurbed about 5 months back. It was in SORRY shape. He wouldn't take it on the water because it was no longer waterproof; the keypad was almost completely loose, and half the time the click stick or something else wouldn't work. After one false start on the refurb, he has a unit that looks and works like he just walked in a local store and got a new one. You might think again about sending it in ... I think you'll be happy with the results.


Happy Trails,

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