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Garmin 12


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I am introducing a few friends to Geocaching. We plan on going caching and I offered to teach them how to use their Garmin 12. I thought I post here and see if anyone was familiar with them so I'd have a head start on showing them.


I have a Garmin 72, I assume it won't be very different from the 12.


I noticed it doesn't have WAAS and was made before SA was turned off, I assume it will still have good accuracy, as in tree cover you can kiss WAAS goodbye anyway.

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I had a 12XL and used it in my first couple of years of geocaching and never had any problems finding caches. It was built like a hammer and could really take a beating and never failed me. I have since passed it along to my son but and it is still working fine as far as I know. With more bells and whistles on the new gpsr come more problems and glitches to condend with as I can vouch for on my 76CS.

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Sounds like it's perfect for my friends. I think they'd appriciate it being simple to use and rugged.

My friend bought the Garmin 12 several years ago and just never used it much, but I showed his wife about Geocaching and she thought the both of them would enjoy it.

Thanks, sounds like it won't be much problem showing them how to cache with it.

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