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Oh Dear


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This is what we have just done to one of our caches. Have copied it from the thread that we started.

We did try to contact them to rectify but no response.


Create a post a note, copied the text from the original log. Pasted it into the note, deleting the tb numbers. Gave explanation as to why this was done. Then posted the new note and deleted the log. Not sure if that's the way to do it, but it has worked.

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I've seen two or three TB numbers in logs recently. I usually drop them a line to explain why they shouldn't, but it always makes me feel like a self-appointed cache prefect when I do so!


The reason for not leaving the number in the log was explained to me by the person who introduced me to caching, but it's not written in huge bold letters anywhere.


And I think maybe it should be, on the Travelbugs page of Geocaching.com perhaps, in the instructions for how to pick up, log and drop off a bug. It doesn't say anywhere you shouldn't include the number, and maybe it's not obvious to everyone!

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This has happened once with one of my caches, I sent a polite email asking for the log to be edited explaining why, I got a thank you email back for pointing out their error, one which they had made a few times before, but nobody had told them. They subsequently edited all their other mistakes.


On another note, if you delete a log? you DO NOT have to copy it onto an email that you send to the owner. They will get an email automatically with a link to the log, which they can then copy from. The log doesn't disappear from the server, it just gets archived.

It is however polite to send the person an email letting them know why you have deleted the log. Something which never happened to me, when one ignorant individual who deleted FOUR of my logs without explanation, depsite the fact I asked for one after the first log was deleted.

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