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Gsak Wont Upload A Gpx File

Team Ballibeg

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Just placed and had published my first cache. Tried to load the GPX file into GSAK and it processes the file but wont add it to the database.


This is the first time its happened and it seems to much of a coincidence that its happened to our first cache so I am guessing there's a setting somewhere to toggle????


Any tips,






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Try the following:


1. Go to Tools|Options


2. Select the "General" tab if it is not slready selected.


3. About a third of the way down, on the left side, is a section entitled "Method for matching palced...". Set this to "Exact match" and enter your GC name in the text field.


4. Click OK.


If that does not cure it I am sure someone else will be able to assist.





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