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What Is An 'agatee'?


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Please forgive my ignorance, but I just discovered the entire concept of geocaching today (while bored on vacation) and have been reading up on it. Sounds like something I'd really enjoy, and TIA to all you cachers who have left things out there for me <and everyone else> to find so far! I'm sure I'll be leaving some treasures of my own -- but not until I really grok the whole concept, I promise. Gotta find some first. Hey... the week isn't even half over!


So, my first, quick question: I've noticed in several logs that sometimes cachers leave something called a 'souvenir agatee.' I have a degree in Evolutionary Biology, and took more credits in geological subjects than I care to count... but I can't imagine that these are actually all real agates. Is it just a nickname for something else? I Googled it & searched the forum, but found nothing specific.


I have MS so I'll never be Ms. Speedy on racking up a high cache count. But I'm one of those people who believes in the tortoise concept -- I'll always get there eventually. And I'm starting tomorrow. No worries... just a couple of easy virtual ones, right in my neighborhood.


Thanks again for any insight!

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Thanks, all! I really should have been able to figure that out with a little more research. I'd never heard of sig items. But *of course* cachers have signature items! Also reassuring to know I wasn't the only one stumped. :P Next time I'll know, and I'm already giving thought to what I might use as a signature 'thingie' when I get around to trading stuff out.


Thx again, especially for the super-friendly welcomes!


PS -- logged my first two caches Friday... I knew I'd love it! But one was a virtual and one was a webcam and neither required taking/leaving. Figured I'd start out easy.


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Welcome Swantown!


Just want you to know that we are usually Take Nothing, Leave Nothing cachers. We cache for the hunt and the fun. We always sign the log book and will move Travel Bugs (TB don't require a trade item) if we are going their way, but rarely do we actually trade anything. So don't feel like you can't try to find a regular cache because you don't have anything to trade. Just get out and have as much fun as you want.

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