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Route Editing - Etrex Vistac (or Similar Units)

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Is there anyway to edit routes directly via the map screen in a VistaC?


In MapSource (v 6.8), using City Select North America maps (v6), after I have created a route via auto-routing I can simply click on any portion of the route with the selection tool (not just true waypoints, but any part of the pathway) and re-driect the route by clicking on an intersection or city or highway I want to include, thereby causing the route to be recalculated (e.g., to aovid construction or to take a more scenic route).


Is it possible to accomplish the same thing via the map interface on the VistaC? I have not been able to figure out how to do it and wonder if I am just another newbie struggling to find the correct key sequence, or if it is simply is not possible...


any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I have been able to use the map interface on the Vista C to create a route by clicking on points on the map. However, once the route has more than one point, I couldn't get the unit to go into the same mode. I couldn't find any documentation that described doing this. My answer to your question would be, probably not.



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