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Day Hiking Cache Bags


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A Camelbak Day Star with similar capacity as your new NorthFace. So much less cumbersome than carrying water bottles, and just enough cargo room for the hiking essentials plus equipment and swag. I love it! At first I was also using a small messenger bags for trips not far from the car, but lately I've only been using this pack. It's compact size makes it inconspicous for even urban caching, and I don't have to move things from bag to bag.

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My wife got me a Mountain Smith Approach Day Pack as reviewed in Today's Cacher. I love it. It holds a Camelbak bladder as well as additional water bottles and a bunch of stuff. The expandable outer pocket will even fit a standard ammo can for hikes to plant a cache.


See picture a few posts down. :D


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I havd a North Face fanny pack with two holders for water bottles. It also has one big pocket with 2 sections and a small outside pocket. In addition it has a few snaps with webbing for lashing on a lite coat.

I always have water, minimag, paper, pens, swag, TB's, cellphone, and GPS. Ready to go at all times.



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A camelbak cloud walker w/ a 2 liter bladder for short hikes. I carry the essentials and a cell phone, note book and raincoat. My caching partner has a similar pack and carries the swag, cell phone and raincoat.


I have a Kelty moraine 3300 for longer hikes, then I carry everything I need to spend an overnight in the woods myself and so does my partner.


The small one is always packed except for the GPS, cell phone and water. Ready to go anytime.

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The largest thing Ive ever carried is a 1 strap half sized backpack-

A Man pack, as my wife calls it- t'was a free promo gift her company gave away, is made as well or better than the usual backpacks, and has just 3 pockets-


I have been caching with nothing but my gps'r for a long time now-

If Im on a longer "day hike" - I usually carry in my multiple pockets of whatever

jacket/vest Im wearing. Pack Light, but be prepared- I havent actually been on more than a 4 hr in a Long time- so I havent got much to go with-

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I usually wear a photo vest with lots of pockets - it holds my camera gear, my GPSr, and all the various items I have thought it would be nice to have along. Didja ever notice? One day you think, wow, if only I had a left-handed, long-stemmed widget, this would be a lot easier, so you throw a left-handed, long-stemmed widget in your gear and never, ever use it?

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Campmor is an excellent site for finding deals on all types of outdoor equipment. Check out their Hot Deals sections. I got my Camelbak for $33 (retailed for about $80 at the time, even now it's still $60 and up). I bought the boys each their own camelbaks for $12.50 each, too.


Even checking it out now, they have some interesting deals. Like this one -- A Gregory Inertia 128 oz hydration pack (1000 cc cargo room) at $39.97, regular price $99. Hmmmm, thinking about ordering one for Mr. Bear Paughs to save for Christmas maybe....

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Now using the Camelbak Trailblazer 2.0L. Only really had 1 good day out with it. Fits everything I need, lots of water, and pretty comfortable. Plus it has lots of loops for attaching stuff. I have a black Groundspeak Micro hanging off the back to help others ID as a fellow cacher. GPS and Cell looped through the straps in the front for easy access.


EDIT - add link to micro

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In all but the heat of summer I often use this Clear Creek Caching Vest. Bult in antenna pocket on the shoulder, pocket for GMRS, compass, and custom pockets front and back (even for a small sleeping bag), both inside and out. Everything is right where I can reach it so there is seldom a reason to take it off. Nice weight distribution, too.


Photo is me signing the log at the Maryland "APE cache. My jacket just happens to match the vest.



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